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We offer a range of Stump Grinders for Hire

DBM Hire has a range of  Stump Grinders for Hire that are not only Powerful but also Compact, our smallest tracked unit the Predator 28 is only 26” wide enabling it to get through the narrowest of  access. Should you be looking for something with a bit more power then we have the  Predator 50X or Predator 50RX this fully hydraulic machine is only 31” wide and is powered by a 50HP Hatz engine giving unbeatable performance. Our largest machine is the Predator 56RX it has a 56HP power unit and is a must for any Large Stump or clearance job.

Stump Grinder Hire P28X Predator 56RX Tracked Stump Grinder Predator 28X Tracked Stump Grinder Predator 50X Tracked Stump Grinder Predator 56RX Tracked Stump Grinder Predator 50RX Tracked Stump Grinder Predator 450 Pedestrian  Stump Grinder P450 P50X FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CLICK ON THE PICTURES BELOW Predator 50RX Tracked Stump Grinder